Four Ways to Wow Your Wedding Guests

Hey! We have a question about something that may not have crossed your mind during this whole blast we call wedding planning. Have you ever thought of your wedding as one giant house party? Think about it. You are providing entertainment, a meal, toasts, music, and hours of socialization. Isn’t that a party? While you and your love are the guests of honor, you are also simultaneously the hosts, but how are you playing the latter role?

Balancing the line between hosting your big day bash and being the focus of the party is a tough one. I preach to Away We Go Weddings couples to remember that this is your day, and to make sure you are doing everything you can to enjoy it to the fullest. Normally I wouldn’t advise worrying too much beyond your love and the beginning of your life together. However, I’m going to go ahead and assume that the people at your wedding are some of the absolute most important people in your life. I am also going to assume that many of them have made a trip to be present for your day. Whether that is across town or cross-country, these beloved people have made an effort for you and your love.

So, how do you show them appreciation without adding an extra element of stress to your wedding day? Don’t worry, Away We Go Weddings has four super-simple ways to share the love with your loved ones during your wedding weekend. We cannot guarantee that they will actually shop off of your registry, but this might help.

Welcome Gesture

I refer to this as a gesture because it doesn’t have to be a gift! When your guests check-in to their hotel, having something at the front desk for them is a way to say “welcome” without pulling up a stool next to the concierge and saying it yourself.

We covered this in a recent blog and noted that this could be anything from a welcome note with an itinerary, to a simple bottle of water. Of course, you can go all out and do a fruit basket, a bottle of wine, gift cards to the hotel restaurant, or a care basket full of wedding weekend goodies, but I can promise you that the simple gesture is gift enough.

Thank You Before the Thank You

Before you write the multitude of thank you notes for the presents you will be receiving, how about writing a mass thank you to all of your guests for being present? Putting this in a program or on a board near the entrance of your venue is an opportunity to tell them why you are so grateful to have them there for this momentous day and to acknowledge that their presence means the world to you.

Howdy Doody

Call me old-fashioned, but I love a good receiving line with just the newlyweds! It gives you a chance to look each guest in the eye and give them even just 3 seconds of your undivided attention. Now, I know that this doesn’t always fit into every wedding day timeline, so here are a few creative ways to greet each person:

  • Make the rounds together to excuse tables for a buffet style dinner

  • Do “Photo Bombs” by having your photographer follow you around and take a quick snapshot as you visit each table

  • Stand in front of the dessert table and greet guests as they come through (you know everyone will be visiting that spot!)

Easy Breezy

One way to make sure that your guests have a great time is by making sure everything is clear and simple. That means clear directions to the venue, an in-depth menu description, and ample room blocks. You can make all of this information extremely easy to access using a wedding website like Zola or The Knot or including the info in your formal invitation.

Whether you choose one or all of the above options, make sure to select those that fit you as a couple. At the end of the day the people that matter care about the things that matter, and that is you and your beloved having the best day possible… Try to make that your goal too. XO, S.

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