Tonight, I will officiate and coordinate the last wedding of 2016 for Away We Go Weddings. It is unreal that it is finally here, both this wedding and the end of this incredible away-we-go kind of year. It is something I never could have imagined possible.

The photo is of my wedding journal for 2016, Chapter 1. Worn with use, full of ideas and dreams for you and for me, complete with a coffee ring on the cover, this book is a constant companion and a journal of joy. The pages contain the sketches and stories of couples who trusted us to be part of one of the most important days of your life. Whether we created a MinneWedding for you, or we told your love story by officiating, whether we managed your wedding day through coordination and planning, or documented it with our Photobar, we were grateful to be there. At Away We Go Weddings, we do everything with heart and that means that we carry a bit of your wedding day in our hearts long after the day has passed.

We often hear crazy horror stories about the wedding industry and the cost of everything. Weddings are a big business and we are not in the wedding business. I'm on a marriage mission. At Away We Go Weddings, we are there to bear witness to marriage, those days that begin after the last champagne toast, after the honeymoon, after the thank you notes are written. We are there to help you create a happy beginning and a forever ever after. It is about more than the party. It is about the promises you make to each other.

A few months ago, I was getting a manicure to match my nails to one of our bride's wedding colors (Pink!) and I was asked how many weddings I had done that year. At the time, it was 12, and a lady overheard that and said, "12 weddings! I don't even have that many friends to be invited to that many weddings!" I replied, "Oh! I'm not a guest, I'm the officiant." But it occurred to me that I am a guest, because you invite AWGW into your happiest minutes and whispered promises. Thank you for that friendship.

To the Away We Go amazing team that makes everything perfect: Tressie, Celia, Jenny, Jenna...you are all such fabulous women with great vision. Thank you for "tidying up" everything and checking my lists twice. Has anyone seen my clipboard? Sarah, thank you for crunching the numbers and Misty, we're excited to have you along in 2017!

I am my beloved's. My beloved is mine. Husband, thank you for being our brand ambassador and design wizard. Thank you for believing in me always and encouraging me to do more. You are my very most best. I am able to love weddings so much because I love our marriage and I know that our AWGW couples are in for such an adventure. Thank you for being my favorite adventure.

To each of our 2016 couples, I hope 2017 is better than you ever imagined as you experience your first year of married life. 2017 couples, you are up next! Thank you for welcoming us into your lives. It is something I promise I will never take for granted. Happy New Year.

XO, S. and the team at Away We Go Weddings

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