Don't Forget this Wedding Week Task!

I got to meet up with one of our brides this morning while I was giving her some wedding day decor for her ceremony on Saturday. She was radiant as always, and her smile was so bright as we talked about how quickly the day was approaching. As we parted ways, I said,

"Don't forget to go on a date night before the wedding!"

When I met this bride and her groom to plan their ceremony, we always met at their favorite ice cream shop, so I suggested that and we waved goodbye.

You might have heard how important it is to date your spouse, and once you're married, you'll get it., because life gets in the way and schedules get packed. Before you know it, you might not recall the last time you had dinner with the purpose of connecting instead of neither of you wanting to cook. As nearlyweds, however, you've probably both been planning a wedding for awhile, reviewing guest lists and seating charts, worrying about cake flavors and details and you haven't made time for a date. That's why the week of the wedding is the perfect time to date your future spouse!

You can do something a simple as an ice cream cone date or a walk through a park. If you enjoy fitness activities together, go to the gym without concern for fitting into a dress or suit for the wedding. Whatever you choose, just enjoy one another's company away from wedding stress and remember the things that took you from "Nice to meet you!" to "I do!"



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