Two Things We Did For You Because, Love.

Hey, there! How are things going with wedding planning? You're doing awesome, I promise you. You are. Your wedding is going to be amazing, you are going to be amazing, and most importantly, your marriage is going to be amazing. Here are a couple of ways that Away We Go Weddings can be in your wedding day corner to help.

One of the very best things that Husband and I did before we were even engaged is that we did some pre-engagement counseling and a relationship assessment from Prepare / Enrich .

Prepare / Enrich is the number one relationship assessment in the world, and it gauges strengths and areas of opportunity in key relationship categories like finances, faith, communication, conflict resolution, sex, family of origin, leisure time and more.

Husband and I knew that we were going to the chapel someday and we wanted to be prepared. The areas of opportunity ( Read: Things to Work On ) that appeared on the assessment are the very things we dig into and work on in marriage now. The great thing is that we were aware from the beginning and we are able to communicate more effectively when those things come up. As with all things good, I want that for you, too.

I became a certified Prepare / Enrich facilitator, and I now provide coaching to seriously dating, engaged and married couples. I also co-facilitate seminars for engaged and married couples for my Prepare / Enrich instructor. One of the great joys of my life is my marriage, and I want your relationship to be great joy, too. I truly think that Prepare / Enrich can help with that.

No need to be an AWGW couple, we love everyone's love.

Okay, that's thing one. Keep reading.

Two. I've seen your checklists. "Book wedding officiant" is on there somewhere and you want to check that box. I want to help you do that, so let's meet up! We now have an online booking option on our site that shows my availability.

You can see if I have a wedding or event booked on your date, and if I'm free, let's hang out and see if I'm a fit! I offer options for us to meet up for a no-obligation chat where we eat cookies or nachos, drink coffee or mimosas or beer and get to know one another around my dining table. That's what I do with my friends, so let's be friends and get that officiant box checked!

Three. I know, I said two. I can count, promise, I'm just an over-achiever when it comes to weddings and marriage, so here's a bonus:

Have you signed up for our newsletter yet? This is going to be where we share the most up-to-date happenings at AWGW, introduce you to cool vendors and remind you that you are amazing, that you have this wedding planning thing, that you're going to be a great husband, a fabulous wife, and that you generally rock at life. Who doesn't want that coming to their inbox every so often? Right, I thought so.

Head over to AWGW and get in on that. Be one of the first five couples and win a copy of

The 5 Love Languages! Because, love.

XO, S.

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