The First Thing to Do When You Get Engaged

Can you believe 2018 is here?! It seems like yesterday (or about 12 days ago, if I'm counting) that we wrapped up our last 2017 wedding ceremony at Away We Go Weddings. Time flies when you're having the best time ever.

If you're newly engaged, you'll find that time also flies when you're planning a wedding. In one moment you are standing there holding your breath as the most beautiful engagement ring is slipped on your finger and the next minute everyone is asking...

"When are you two getting married???"

No, seriously. When Husband and I finally announced our engagement, I was still trying to remember if I am the one who got the two "e"s at the end of fiancee' or if future-Husband was (it was mee, BTW), when the well-meaning questions began about setting a wedding date. I was grateful that we took five loooong days to announce our engagement on social media so that I could also bask in the quiet that forever with my favorite person was for real, for me. I could also work out that double-e spelling thing.

So, when are you two getting married? I kid. Tell me later. You might think that my advice for the first thing that you need to do when you get engaged is to pick a date, but no. Nope, my sound advice as a wedding pro and a bride who has so been there is:

Simply enjoy this moment.

I'm asking you, new fiancee' or fiance', to for a minute, do exactly zero things when it comes to setting a date and kicking off your wedding planning. Take the first of many deep breaths you will need to take during this process, pour a glass of champagne and celebrate that happily ever after is on the way.

XO, S.

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